20' Hose Extension (Diesel)

P/N: 5016

Hose extension for your fuel system. This 30R9 low permeation hose comes included with barbs to attach to your existing fuel hose. This hose is designed to be used with a diesel application. The kit comes complete with 20' of hose to extend both the fuel feed line and the vapor return line.

What's in the Box:

20 FT. of 5/16” 30R9 low permeation fuel hose (fuel return line)

20 FT. of 1/4” 30R9 low permeation fuel hose (fuel feed line)

Hose barb splicer (Installed)

1/4" Pinch Clamp (Blue) (2)

5/16" Pinch Clamp (Silver) (2)