10' Hose Extension (Diesel)

P/N: 5665

Hose extension for your fuel system. This 30R9 low permeation hose comes with barbs to attach to your existing fuel hose. This hose is designed to be use with a diesel application.This kit comes complete with 10' of hose to extend both the fuel feed line and the fuel return line.

What's in the Box:

10 FT. of 5/16” 30R9 low permeation fuel hose (fuel return line)

10 FT. of 1/4” 30R9 low permeation fuel hose (fuel feed line)

Hose barb splicers (Installed)

1/4" Pinch Clamp (Blue) (2)

5/16" Pinch Clamp (Silver) (2)